Risk Control Analyst

If you're ambitious, N&P will help you find the opportunities you need to progress. I started out as a contact centre agent two years ago. After just a year, I'd applied for my current role – I even had a hand in designing the ins and outs of the role, as it had been newly created. I think that says a lot about the sort of influence you can have here, if you want it.

My typical day involves lots of analysis, compliance testing, and reporting on our activity. It definitely keeps my brain very busy. Friendly colleagues are always on-hand to answer questions, and the colleagues I provide reports for are happy to work together to come to solutions that work for the business – and our customers.

That's one of the main reasons why I'd recommend N&P as a place to work. The work is challenging, but the people around you are incredibly supportive. N&P encourages that sort of culture too – we have regular team-building days, and lots of opportunities to work together. Plus the facilities are brilliant and the parking is hassle-free!