Our people

Making a real difference

Our customers often say it's the people who work at N&P that make us so different from other banks or building societies. It’s all about job satisfaction and making a real difference to our customers’ lives.

For a real insight into life here and more detail on what some of our specialist roles involve, here are a few stories that offer a glimpse of what could be in store for you when you join.

Homepagecarouselprofile Emma


Customer Consultant

From part-time adviser to full-time customer consultant, Emma's made the most of her opportunities. Read more
Homepagecarouselprofile James


Risk Control Analyst

Risk control analyst James moved into a new role with us just 12 months after joining. Read more
Homepagecarouselprofile Annette


Customer Service Manager

Annette's been with us for over 15 years now, working in a variety of teams. Read more
Homepagecarouselprofile Sharmin


Customer Adviser

Sharmin joined us with a plan to go as far as possible with us. Read more