Information for agencies

Getting value without compromise

As the second largest building society in the UK, we're frequently contacted by recruitment agencies looking to help us out. Although always grateful for your interest, we're not able to keep in touch with every agency that contacts us.

We're also big believers in turning to our existing teams as a first port of call for promotion – and for recommendations for other great people to join us. It's all part and parcel of the cost-effective way we do business, without compromising on quality.

Preferred Supplier List
Occasionally we do call on the expertise of recruitment agencies from our Preferred Supplier List (PSL). Each of our teams has built their own list, so we don't update our PSLs frequently. We don't take cold calls, so if you are from an agency that would like to be considered for any future PSL reviews, drop us an email with your contact details, T&Cs and an explanation of the disciplines you could potentially help us out with at

Working with us
If we invite you to be briefed on a role, you will be given access to our internal system so you can recommend candidates. Naturally, we expect you to put forward only the very best people. We also ask that you interview them, follow up references and other relevant documentation, and sign our T&Cs beforehand.

If we ask you to advertise on our behalf, please don't use our logo without our permission. And we ask that you channel all communications through our Recruitment team and not through line managers.