Our culture, vision & values

Our values make us who we are

Our values and vision are the foundation of our culture. They explain how we behave towards our customers and how we deal with each other. Which is why they are embedded into every aspect of life here.

Customers at our heart
Whether they're internal or external, we work hard to put ourselves in our customers’ shoes. We communicate clearly and simply and make things easy. And we deliver the kind of service that can only come from the heart, not a training manual.

We keep our promises by being open, honest and responsible. We set the very highest standards of fairness and integrity in every conversation we have, every choice we make and every relationship we build – with each other, our customers and the communities around us. And if something goes wrong, we'll do everything we can to put it right again.

We treat people as individuals by listening, communicating clearly, and acting with humanity, warmth, decency and care. We love getting to know our customers better over time, because the more we understand their lives, the more we can do to help improve them.

We love what we do and approach our work with pride, energy, enthusiasm and focus. We love working together – combining our ideas and expertise to deliver the best results – and we know our people are our most important asset.

Our Vision
Our vision is to be the most trusted provider of financial services in the UK. We strive to achieve this by delivering financial security and long-term value to our members along with exceptional service.